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Posted Image will be made read only and then finally shut down over the next couple of weeks. As a community, we are moving to a new site (yes, you have to post in intro before you can post elsewhere on the new site):

The new, ad free fan site is owned and handled by myself and is for the discussion of Aion and other games. I thought about it a lot and I really don't want to lose members of the community just because our community likes to play different games over time. Much thanks for the help of DirtyKlingon (leader in ChitChat) and Divinelysian (Aion player and content developer) for helping out with the new site. Divinelysian has been especially busy trying to copy over some of our better guides for Aion, so that they won't be lost when goes down forever. We've had a fairly steady group over on the site testing it for the last couple of weeks and we think we're ready to handle more traffic.

Curse has been very nice in promising that the won't go down immediately, so as community members you do have the ability to copy over your own important articles to the new site (it uses similar forum software). Since we don't have the database from AionSource, you'll have to re-register. Please remember to make your forum password different from all your game passwords for safety. Forums are very commonly attacked by hackers and so it's always best to have an extra layer of security for yourself (you should do this with any game forum you're a part of).

AionSource started as a community that grew as Mark (now the Admin of and I totally blame him for us having the word nyerk) led it through the early pre-launch days of Aion. The site was then sold to Curse and went through a series of admins, including Knite (now a Brand Manager for NCsoft West), Cynic (who's hiding out somewhere), Aion Bunny (got married last I heard), Kvinna (Admin on the Curse Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars Guru 2 forums), and finally myself. On the way we also had Amira, the admin of as a mod as well as Celystine (whom reportedly went to work on the SWTOR forums and was responsible for getting rid of their off topic forum... I wonder why...). I've held down the fort for a long, long time, but always wanted to be able to change the site when it needed changing. I will now be able to do that.

Please come by and say hi on the new forum. Since it's still being worked on, please be patient and let me know when you run into issues. I've got no idea what bandwidth we may need and so some load balancing may need to be done. Also, let me know if you'd like to help out with content.

I will miss AionSource and I could probably wax poetic about it for a while, but honestly I have to start copying over some of the older news articles to archive them on the new site. Oh, and all of those images... blech.

Best of luck to everybody and I hope to see you all on the other side where Nobody Plays Games.


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Looks like it will be released January 29th, 2014. So, get ready to aethertech!
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Looks like NA Aion is preparing for the release of the Aethertech with Aion 4.5. They just announced that transfers are suspended before the patch and there's a special Code Red Atreia event (complete with medical costumes) to prepare people for the patch.

So it's almost here!
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Thanks to Our Community!

Someplace in North America, people are giving thanks today. Thought I would join them and say thank you to the AionSource community. As some of you are aware, NCSoft West recently had a community appreciation event and Hime gave us a few pet codes for the Spurred Crestlich.

Yes, the pet looks kind of like a turkey lol. Given how much some of you like to taunt each other, that could come in handy.

Whether or not it's Thanksgiving in your own country, it's always a good idea to say thank you to somebody you like. They appreciate it. I said thank you to my mum today because she is making this very awesome apple pie from scratch and had to search around all over the place to get the right kind of apples. So I'm thankful.

So, say thank you to somebody and post below to tell us about it. Let me know if you'd like a NA Aion Spurred Crestlich code too.

Cheers and have a happy day of giving thanks,

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Promoted from Thanks - from AionSource
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As reported on the main NA Aion site, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, there's a lot to be thankful for; Aion going on strong for four years, 4.0: Dark Betrayal launching, and more. These milestones could not have been reached without the dedicated player base (like the people at AionSource). So, the event is being dedicated to the players.

How to Participate - (from November 20 to December 4)

Instance monsters will have a chance to drop Aion Signet Boxes. Signet Boxes will give you a random heart piece, with the Signet Piece: N being slightly more rare. Combine the four required pieces to create the Forged Aion Signet. Open the Signet for a random reward.

The instances with the best Aion Signet Boxes drop rate are Sauro Supply Base, Steel Rose, Eternal Bastion, and Ophidan Bridge. Aion Signet boxes will also be available on the store. Once a day per account, you can pick up a signet box for 1 Ncoin. During the event, watch the official NA social and community sites, where they’ll be giving away not just
boxes, but more prizes as well.


Collect and Combine the four heart pieces from the Signet Boxes for the following prizes:

  • [Event] Dragon Lord's Wing Box
  • Fabled Godstone Bundle
  • Noble Composite Manastone Bundle
  • [Event] Perky Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
  • [Event] Exotic Wedding Veil
  • [Event] Daeva's Day Manastone Bundle
  • Dragon's Medal Box
  • [Event] Protectorate Key Box
  • [Event] Birthday Cake Kisk
  • Stigma Shard
  • [Event] Ancient Crown Bundle
  • [Event] Blood Mark Box

So collect those signet boxes, put those hearts together, and win some great stuff!
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